The Kramer Family
the ipad will not be used for such trivial matters!
Tbird Sat 1:29 The Scott's snap spreader is pretty neat. Has an edge guard which comes in handy
Wade Tue 11:15 Fart knocker 4/1/14
Ren Tue 10:00 Dorks. 3/25
Tbird Thu 6:53 Had to activate my comment. Please.
Tbird Thu 6:53 Bitches. 3/20/14
mitch Wed 9:56 poopier 3/12/14
Wade Wed 3:52 poop 3/11/14
ren Sat 8:52 Happy Birthday to an awesome 5-year-old (for the second year in a row), Ethan!!
mitch Mon 8:17 i don't get any notifications, i just happened to check (oct 21 now)
ren Thu 9:11 I meant by someone who doesn't get a notification when a new post pops up. ;-)
ren Thu 9:11 well shoot
mitch Thu 8:38 and by not too long, i mean oct 10th.
mitch Thu 8:37 not too long ren. not too long ;)
ren Wed 9:46 today is oct. 9. wonder how long it will take for someone to notice there's a new comment on xodys! :-)
ren Tue 9:53 happy birthday Kendra!
Ren Sun 9:55 You could say Toddler T! Or just T is fine too. :-)
Shelly Sat 4:11 Happy Birthday Baby T!! Or should I say just T, cause he is a big kid and stuff.
Shelly Mon 7:40 Happy Birthday ATP! I can't believe you are nine!
Shelly Wed 11:25 Happy Birthday Lauren Ella a day late!
Ren Wed 10:59 Happy belated birthday Lauren!!! :-)
Ren Thu 3:32 I'm surprised you used berries and not jolly ranchers!
Trace Tue 2:22 Just made my own fruit smoothie! Hyvee mixed frozen berries, a banana, milk, sugar and ice. And some orange juice. Mix in blender. Just like orange Julius!
Ren Tue 2:38 And how would you carry it around with you in the first place? I'm confused.
Ren Tue 2:37 Shelly that's some batshit crazy stuff
Shelly Sat 9:10 SICK!! link
Ren Sun 9:13 Shelly that's super disturbing!
Shelly Sun 2:42 Hey Girl, link
Shelly Sat 12:45 this makes me sick to my stomach... link
Shelly Sun 1:20 Those were awesome and creepy! Why is that? That and clowns.
ren Sat 8:36 Happy Easter everyone!! link
ren Tue 3:15 thanks mitch!
mitch Mon 9:36 Updated Little T's Birthday :)
Shelly Wed 12:41 I like the Superman one, dirty but funny
Shelly Wed 12:41 link uh what?!
heather Wed 9:12 todd, those videos were awesome! especially the goat one :)
Ren Wed 3:27 Wow. Surprised Mitch let a swear word pass on here
Ren Wed 3:27 Shelly that is truly fucked up
Shelly Tue 2:24 This is just messed right up!!link
Shelly Sun 5:04 We are getting old
Ren Sun 12:17 Mitch I think you have little Ts birthday wrong. It's June 8 not April 8. Don't make him grow up too fast! ?
Todd Sun 9:40 Science lesson for the day.. link
Todd Fri 7:04 link
Shelly Tue 10:59 Happy Birthday Jon, hope you are feeling better
Ren Tue 8:29 Happy birthday Jon!
mitch Wed 9:09 trace - nice - that looks good!
trace Wed 5:28 i like to say better
trace Wed 5:27 link love this much better. I also made the thumbnails smaller :) i think it looks better
trace Wed 12:34 link mitch - is there a way to have these images in a group rather than a straight line down the page? can't figure it out
Shelly Thu 11:32 I don't want to go to a movie that late
mitch Thu 10:38 that won't work for us, but you guys can certainly go! we can play afterward though